The participation of fund management companies in implementing ESG standards has become a prevalent trend in the modern investment industry. ESG standards refer to the performance of companies in the areas of environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance, which includes aspects such as energy consumption, employee welfare, corporate governance, and community engagement. Many of our investors have recognized the importance of ESG standards in investment decision-making, as companies that perform well in ESG tend to provide long-term stable returns and better risk management.

At BG Capital, we adopt various methods to participate in implementing ESG standards. These include:

1. Learning and understanding ESG standards: We strive to understand the concept of ESG standards and related indicator systems, such as carbon emissions, water resource management, labor rights, supply chain management, corporate governance, and anti-corruption. We deepen our understanding by participating in relevant training, seminars, and reading professional literature.

2. Paying attention to companies' ESG performance: We assess ESG risks and track the ESG performance of companies in our investment portfolio as a basis for formulating investment strategies and decisions.

3. Actively engaging in dialogue: Based on ESG standards, we engage in active dialogue with investment target companies and encourage them to improve their ESG performance.

4. Promoting industrial change: We participate in fund industry organizations and stakeholder meetings and activities, actively promoting industry changes, and promoting the implementation and promotion of ESG standards within the industry.

5. Participating in social responsibility activities: We actively participate in social responsibility activities, such as environmental protection and charity, to contribute to society.

In addition, we are also planning to establish a dedicated ESG investment fund. These funds will only invest in companies that meet ESG standards, providing investors with a sustainable investment opportunity with strong ESG performance.