BG Capital is a diverse, inclusive, and equitable company that is committed to creating a dynamic environment that enhances the happiness of its employees. Our aim is for every employee to feel valued, cared for, and to be able to build a career at BG Capital that is full of hope and promise.

Care and Growth

At BG Capital, we aim to amplify the strengths of every individual and care for the well-being of our employees, not only in terms of physical health, but also mental health. The founders and partners of BG Capital are committed to creating an environment that shares opportunities and rewards, with almost no hierarchical structure in place. We deeply value each and every one of our colleagues and strive to help them become their very best selves.

Diversity and Inclusion 

We place great emphasis on diversity in our workforce, which can include differences in cultural background, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, education level, etc. The benefits of having a diverse workforce are that it can bring a broader perspective, ideas, and experiences to our team, which can aid in innovation and creating better solutions. Additionally, a team with diverse backgrounds can better serve different customer groups, and help us succeed in the international market. Most importantly, a diverse team can provide members with more opportunities to feel respected and included, thereby increasing their job satisfaction and loyalty, and improving employee retention rates for the company.